At Garden State Therapy, we have a variety of therapy services designed to meet the needs of adults and elderly patients. these services include: speech therapy, swallowing and aphasia related problems.


Aphasia is an acquired neurogenic language disorder resulting from an injury to the brain—most typically, the left hemisphere. Aphasia involves varying degrees of impairment in four primary areas:

  • Spoken language expression
  • Spoken language comprehension
  • Written expression
  • Reading comprehension

Depending on an individual’s unique set of symptoms, impairments may result in loss of ability to use communication as a tool for life participation (

Language disorders are often very frustrating, both for the person with aphasia and his or her family.  Our therapists goal is  to improve the communication, cognitive and language skills to help my patients once again participate in the activities they enjoy.

Apraxia of Speech

Apraxia of speech is a language impairment usually caused by a change in the left hemisphere of the brain and often co-occurs with aphasia, it caused a difficulty in planning and programming the movement needed for speech.

Dysarthria (Motor-speech disorders)

Dysarthria is a disorder caused by neuromuscular problems, it caused the speech to become too soft, excessively loud, hoarse, strained, nasal, too fast, too slow, or slurred/imprecise.  Therapy helps to reagin better speech quality of communication through exercises, behavioral compensations, and targeted practice.

Dysphagia (Swallowing disorders)

People who have trouble swallowing face great discomfort in their daily life. Therapy helps to improve swallowing through exercises, diet modification, and compensatory strategies.


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